how they appear and how to eliminate them forever

Weevils: how they appear and how to eliminate them forever
February 18, 2021 08:41 hs

Opening the pantry, you not only found packets of flour, polenta, and rice, but several little critters as well. What are they? Called weevils And if there is one, it means that there are many, many more. Popularly known as grain weevils or wheat weevils, they are small insects, which They eat whole grains, seeds, and legumes.

What are weevils and how to eliminate them forever from the cupboard.

The weevils consist of small reddish-brown beetles, which in turn have a slightly elongated snout. If you suddenly face the presence of a weevil plague, today we will teach you how to eliminate it forever from your food.

Origin of the weevil plague

Unlike beetles, which live and feed on food, these weevils tend to live and feed inside food. Thus, the female forms a hole in a grain or seed, and deposits an egg inside, to later seal it and leave it behind. When the egg hatches (either from the inside of a seed or from the grain), the larva feeds on the meat present inside, until it is fully developed. Finally, once this occurs, the adult weevil emerges from the seed or grain.

At home or in the pantry, weevils can get into packaged food, or they can come from outside. Thus, once inside, a population may be perfectly capable of growing and expanding to other foods stored nearby.

For this reason, it is highly recommended store grains and other similar foods in dry areas, and always throw away any food product or food where you find weevils. It is also essential to completely clear the cabinets and clean them well, before storing new food again.

During the cleaning process, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner. In this way we will ensure that we manage to eliminate and remove all possible larvae from the cupboard with food.

How to eliminate weevils for good

The little ones black pepper sachets they are capable of repelling weevils, so an excellent option is to opt for them in the presence of the slightest presence of these small insects.

It is also useful to follow some of the guidelines that we propose below:

Inspection. Inspect each of the stored foods. You can see weevils outside or inside, so it is important to check all foods, to make sure that all the weevils you find can be eliminated. Elimination. In case you find a weevil in any of the foods, the fundamental thing is to discard it. In short, empty all the food that you find infested. Cleaning. Empty the entire pantry, or the affected area. Once you have done this, vacuum all the shelves, the floor and the walls, including some areas where weevils can hide, such as the seams or the edges of the shelves. Then empty or discard the vacuum bag. Now vacuum and / or clean all areas around the infested area, in addition to sweeping and cleaning the kitchen floors. Then clean the shelves, crevices, and corners.

As a preventive measure, we recommend making sure that all food is stored in tightly closed containers. So, at least, for the entire following month.