How the rivalry between China and Taiwan was born that could start a war

The historic rivalry between Taiwan and China could erupt into armed conflict, given increasing pressure from the military presence in the area.

The tension between China and Taiwan is not new in Asian history. On the contrary, it opts for a military rivalry that dates back at least several decades. Today, a training of “Routine” maneuvers by Chinese militia in Taiwanese waters Add one more drop to the glass of a warlike conflict that could be about to overflow.

A historical conflict that does not finish curdling

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According to an official statement from the Chinese Army, Navy spokesman Gao Xiucheng confirmed the maneuvers of an aircraft carrier in the vicinity of waters in Taiwanese territory. According to the military man, they were “routine training exercises organized according to the annual plan.”

However, the presence of chinese military vessels in the Taiwan Sea he lights a long-left wick on the embers. For his part, Xiucheng is sure that it is intended to “test the effectiveness of the training of the troops and increase their capacity to defend national sovereignty and the interests of security and development (from China)“.

In contrast, the Taiwanese Ministry of National Defense said that last Sunday, 10 Chinese fighter jets they flew over their air defense identification zone (ADIZ). It is not the first time in the year that a similar event happens in areas not regulated by international conventions.

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What are US ships doing there?

For balance the rivalry between boths Asian states, Taiwan and the United States coordinated a group of coast guards in response to a law passed by China, which allows open fire on foreign ships in their maritime territory.

For more than 7 decades, China has considered Taiwan as part of the territory of the People’s Republic of China after the end of the civil war. However, the island is governs autonomously, under the name of the Republic of China.

For this reason, any military maneuver in the area is problematic. Especially now, which could be considered as a “provocative move” about the Diaoyu / Senkaku islands, which have been claimed by the two countries. Meanwhile, American ships continue anchored in the vicinity Of the territory.

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