Chabelo: how the immortal of television was born | Reform

There are several things that are not completely known about Chabelo and here we will mention some things about his life that you should definitely know about the one known as « the immortal of television« 

Chabelo managed to score undoubtedly his time both in this country and in many others in Latin America.

Despite the fact that his family is from Guanajuato, Chabelo was born in Chicago, Illinois, United States, so he was born an American.

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That is why it was recruited by the US Army to go to the Korean war, but the conflict ended before he embarked fortunately, because if so, it is almost certain that the story would have been another.

After his return from the United States, he decided study medicine managing to end up being an outstanding student and the practiced for 4 years in an office of which he was founder.

Xavier began to approach the world of television Thanks to a neighbor who invited him to collaborate on a production.

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And it was like this in a short time started taking care of cameras and he was a floor manager, but fate had something else in store for him.

An actor did not come to a broadcast of Uncle Gamboín and that actor had to play a boy named Chabel. It was there that he went invited to participate and his fame began.

In 1968, Chabelo was already a important figure of Mexican television and he had even led some projects.

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And in that year, En Familia with Chabelo was released, which was uninterruptedly transmitted and it has only been suspended 7 times due to driver health problems or television events.

In family with Chabelo it was transmitted from November 26, 1967 to December 20, 2015 on the Channel of the Stars of Televisa.

It was on November 27, 2015, that Xavier López announced the end of program after 48 years on the air, whose last broadcast was on Sunday, December 20.

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His long history has been celebrated and awarded worldwide, that is why in his recognition room he has two Guinness Records.

One of them is for the higher amount of time conducting a children’s program and the second is for the more years of interpreting the same character.

A curious fact of his life is that he is one of the major collectors of the world of frogs.

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In his collection he has more than 2,700 copies and he explained that he identifies with the animal since it never recoils.

To date it is found married with Teresita Miranda, with whom she fathered three children: Óscar, Javier and Juan Gabriel.