How the ‘app’ of the Tax Agency works to make the declaration of Income 2020-2021

This Wednesday, April 7, the campaign to request the declaration of Income and Assets begins corresponding to the year 2020, the day from which the draft can be made electronically through the Tax Agency website or from its application for mobile devices.

The public body has a mobile app to download from Google Play (Android users) or the App Store (iPhone users) with which you can process the declaration easily and quickly. In addition, it also allows you to obtain the reference number, consult data and check the processing status.

How to use the mobile ‘app’, step by step

The first step is to download the application on the device and proceed to identify yourself as a user. For this, the Tax Agency offers different methods: with reference number, with Cl @ ve PIN and with DNI or electronic certificate.

Once the identification and registration have been carried out, the app offers numerous services for the Income 2020 campaign, so you can “File the return, check the tax data for the last five years, request and cancel a previous appointment, find out the status of your return and check returns from the five previous years“, details the Tax Agency.

When accessing for the first time, the system will request the ratification of the tax domicile and in the side menu you will find the following services: user portfolio, main menu, basic tax information, notices, conditions and policies, adjustments and help. In the main menu you can access the section of Income 2020, the REN0 service to consult the reference number, previous exercises and the contact service.

How to request the draft of the Rent

By selecting the option ‘Draft / declaration processing’ All the tax and tax data available in the Tax Agency will appear, as well as the results by concept, but in the case of having to add or modify any information, it must be done through the Renta WEB portal.

The application calculates the most favorable modality of the taxpayer’s return (if it is individual or joint), shows the result (if it goes out to pay or to return), the IBAN of the bank account, the autonomous community and the tax assignment. In the case of joint returns, both spouses must be identified in the application.