In addition to a tragedy in terms of health and economy, the coronavirus crisis is causing millions of people have to stay at home. Many of them have been able to adapt their work, to be able to continue doing it from their homes.

If your thing is urban or street photography, you will hardly be able to do your job if you can’t leave your house (unless you emulate the protagonist of ‘The indiscreet window’), and that’s when you have to resort to imaginative solutions to be able to keep capturing everyday moments.

Street photography in times of quarantine

For this reason, a group of urban photographers have decided to dive into some video games in which you can continue to refine your “aim” and not lose the habit of taking photographs.

And is that titles like ‘Grand Theft Auto’, ‘Red Dead Redemption’, ‘Uncharted’ o ‘The Last of Us’ are famous for introducing us to a world full of details, people and places to visit.

They are using the #virtualstreetphotography hashtag to publish the everyday scenes they are finding in these well-known video games, and below we can see some examples:

As we can see, some scenes are really impressive. The light, the contrast, the posture of the people, the colors …at least they would serve as excellent wallpapers on our devices.

Sean Tucker, a well known british photographer Specializing in urban photography and YouTuber, he says “they came up with the idea of ​​hanging out in the world of ‘Read Dead Redemption 2’, when they suddenly realized that the game gives you a camera.”

“Before long we were riding to Saint Denis (a fictional city in the game) to take photos on the street, just as we would on any normal day.”

Sharing screenshots of your video games is something that has been done for many years, but the realism of some current titles make this experience even more interesting.

Obviously, it is not the same as going outside and physically using your camera, walking, seeing how the light changes in the day and meeting complete strangers, but seeing the result is a good alternative until we can get out of our houses again. .

         Photographing the street without going outside: how some photographers continue to practice thanks to ‘Red Redemption 2’