How powerful are the new Apple iPads?

By James O’Toole

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) – The iPad has been renewed.

Apple unveiled the new editions of the iPad and iPad Mini at an event in California on Thursday, where it also announced that its new Apple Pay system will be available starting Monday, October 20.

The new tablets (the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3) come with the TouchID fingerprint sensor, which was previously only available on the iPhone. You can use TouchID to make purchases online with Apple Pay, although it won’t work at store cash registers the way newer iPhones do.

The Air 2 is only 6.1 millimeters thick, it is 18% smaller than the previous iPad Air. It also features a new processor, an improved Retina display, and a camera that takes panoramic photos up to 43 megapixels.

It will be possible to reserve the two new iPads on Friday, and shipments will take place at the end of next week. They are available in gold in addition to the traditional silver and dark gray.

The version of the Air 2 that has 16 GB of storage and works only with Wi-Fi is priced at $ 499, while the same version of the Mini 3 sells for $ 399.

The 64GB Air 2 costs $ 599, while the 128GB version costs $ 699; For $ 130 more, you can get a version in each of those sizes equipped with mobile data connectivity. Apple is also cutting prices for older iPads.

Apple also unveiled a new 27-inch iMac desktop computer that starts shipping today and costs $ 2,499.

In terms of software, Apple announced that the new X Yosemite operating system will be available for free download on Thursday from the App Store. The latest update to its mobile software, iOS 8.1, will be available on Monday.

There was a major design update for Yosemite, so now the interface for Mac computers is much more like an iPhone and iPad. It comes with a new “spotlight” feature that searches both the Mac and the web.

There’s also the new iCloud Drive, a cloud storage service that offers to sync all files on a Mac computer through every Mac, iPhone, or Windows PC the user has.

The “continuity” function ensures that your different Apple devices recognize each other, so that you can pick up on one what you left pending on another. For example, you can start a browsing session on your iPad and end it later on your laptop. It also allows you to make calls or send text messages from your computer.

Apple Pay will work on the updated iOS and this one brings back the Camera Roll. The new iCloud Photo Library allows you to sync your images between devices.

Apple released its iOS 8 software last month, although the launch was affected by the delay of its new HealthKit platform, and problems with a software update, so some users were unable to make calls or use their fingerprint sensors. .