Maribel Guardia celebrated her confined birthday: How old is Joan Sebastian’s ex?

This Friday Maribel Guardia left long tablecloths, and despite the fact that she continues to comply strictly with the strict quarantine in which she has been confined with her family to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, that was not a reason for the actress and singer will stop celebrating life.

The former Miss Costa Rica revealed on her social networks that she had a great time, with the best gift she could ask for: the health, well-being and affection of her family, including her son Julián Figueroa, a product of her relationship with the late Joan Sebatian and her husband.

The Costa Rican also wanted to thank the love shown by her faithful followers and shared a couple of photographs to show that she celebrated with an arrangement of many balloons and a beautiful party dress, for the occasion.

“Happy Birthday to me!!! #thank God for one more year🙏🏼 for my family, for you my friends, for the dreams fulfilled and the goals achieved, ”said the singer. In these difficult times that we live is when I value each breath the most and the times that I have been breathless with joy. ”

The beautiful Maribel, who is celebrating her 61 springs, although it does not seem at all, also mentioned that her birthday wish was for the COVID-19 crisis to end soon.

“I offer a prayer to heaven for the health of our planet, to end this pandemic that is giving us so much pain and learning. Better times will come, full of light and blessings. God is not going to abandon us. Meanwhile, Thanks to life !!! 🎈 ♥ ️💋🎉 #globos @globosshalala #lookoftheday @mitzyofficial, ”said the artist.

Joan Sebastian and Maribel Guardia “You and Me” Joan Sebastian and Maribel Guard, video clip, telenovela entry “You and Me” in 1996. How about friends, I invite you to take a look at the videos of Irvin González , musical promise with an incomparable talent. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhZA-gaTBDDH-zZHqpLTB9OwkhmU6gl8R2011-01-02T18:55:57Z

And jokingly, with her usual sense of humor, the ex-King of Jaripeo responded to a couple of fans who questioned her about how old she was being.

“They ask me how old I was? I was born this morning hahaha I love you and I bless my God for all the blessings he has given to my life, and also the sufferings, which have been great teachers to mature and be better. God bless you and all who love 💋❤️ #globos @globosshalala #lookoftheday @mitzyofficial_ 💋 # makeuptutorial @mexicanmakeupartist 💋 ”, added the artist.

Recently the former Miss Costa Rica spoke about the secret to looking good and declared herself a lucky woman.

“God has been very good to me, but I do believe that attitude in life is very important. Man, if you can be pretty, what a father that you are pretty. But there are beautiful people who are very bitter, who are not grateful for life, “said the former Miss Costa Rica a couple of years ago, in dialogue with Univision about the passing of the years. “I really thank God for everything that has happened to me, for the good and the bad, because the bad has helped me grow, to be a woman with more conscience, with more knowledge, and the good has It has made me have a lot of fun. ”