This Monday ends the FIA ​​charity auction against Covid-19

The lots include a day of shooting in the Maranello simulator

Ferrari offers a day of work on its simulator to the person who bids the highest for the experience in the charity auction organized by the FIA ​​to raise funds to fight the Covid-19. At the time of publication of these lines, the bid is at 1,850 pounds sterling, which in exchange is about 2,050 euros.

Whoever wins the bid can access the sancta sanctorum of any Formula 1 team: their simulator. And it will do so with all the honors, because Scuderia will put at your disposal a team of engineers who will accompany you through the experience to advise you and give you advice on how to improve.

The day will begin with a physical and medical exam, as well as an introduction to the simulator and the shooting plan. The pilot will do three half-hour driving sessions, each followed by a meeting with the engineers to assess the work done on the track.

It is unprecedented that a Formula 1 team gives this degree of access to its facilities, but Ferrari has done so to join the charity auction that the International Federation of Motorsports is promoting to raise funds against Covid-19.

The FIA ​​has also donated one million euros to the Red Cross.

The auction started last Monday and closes on June 22 at 5:00 p.m. ET. There are sixty lots on offer, from monkeys by Fernando Alonso to paintings by Jean Todt, including the development model of the Lamborghini Aventador or a copy of Ayrton Senna’s bronze sculpture in Eau Rouge.

In the case of the Ferrari simulator, whoever wins the simulator day will also receive a photo package to remember the experience. If any of our readers takes the step and succeeds, do not hesitate to share them with us.

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