While several sports suffer millionaire falls due to the coronavirus pandemic, the NFL has moved billions of dollars during free agency.

The movements of the players between the franchises entertained thousands of fans interested in knowing where the changes would be. Contracts, surprises, renewals and firings have been the news of American football in recent weeks.

$ 2.2 billion was moved into the NFL’s free agency, according to data from the Bleacher Report.

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The cornerback Byron Jones he got the juiciest contract, signing $ 82.5 million with the Miami Dolphins; followed by the $ 70 million agreed Robert Quinn with the Chicago Bears, and thirdly, the new Carolina Panthers quarterback, Teddy bridgewater, with $ 63 million.

The franchise that spent the most green bills was Miami ($ 236 million).

Among other agreements, he highlighted the arrival of Tom brady for more than 50 million dollars, the 45 million he pocketed Dante Fowler with the Falcons and Philip Rivers with the Colts for $ 25 million.