how much it is trading this Friday, February 19, 2021

The blue dollar Today Friday, February 19, 2021, it is trading at $ 148.00 for sale, and $ 148.00 for purchase. The gap with the official retail dollar is 57.0%

The dollar counted with settlement (CCL) is trading today Friday at $ 145.82, while the dollar bag (MEP) operates at $ 141.77. Country risk remains at 1,476 points.

Official dollar quote today

The official dollar Today, Friday, February 19, 2021, it is trading at $ 93.75 for sale, and $ 87.75 for purchase at Banco Nación.

Retail dollar

In the average of banks and exchange houses, the retail dollar closed on Thursday, February 18 at 94.23 for sale, according to daily information provided by the Central Bank on its website.

The solidarity dollar It is trading at $ 121.88 pesos. While the saving dollar or tourist which includes the 35% surcharge is priced at $ 155

Fixed deadlines today

The rise in interest rates for fixed terms in banks is still in force with a floor of 37.00% in placements by savers.

How much each bank pay today, Friday, February 19, for fixed terms The largest banks that publish their reference value online:

Macro Bank offers 37% for its clients

Santander River Bank offers 37% for its clients

Galicia Bank offers 37% for its clients

Bank of the Province of Buenos 37% for your customers

Banco BBVA Argentina SA 37% for your clients