how much it is trading at this Sunday, February 21

The dollar blue today of this Sunday, February 21, 2021 It is trading at $ 147.00 for sale, and $ 142.00 for purchase. The gap with the official retail dollar is 55.7%

Despite the fact that this Friday, the parallel currency began the day with a slight rebound, financial prices returned to operate with strong drops, while both andl blue dollar As the « solidary« They maintained the trend seen in recent days. In this way, the parallel price fell again and closed at $ 147, while the official price climbed to 155.58 pesos and continues as the most expensive in the market.

The dollar counted with settlement (CCL) is trading today Sunday at $ 144.19, while thedollar bag (MEP) operates at $ 140.65. The Risk country it remains at 1,484 points.

Official dollar quote today

The official dollar today, Sunday, February 21, 2021, is trading at $ 94 for sale, and $ 88 for purchase at Banco Nación.

Retail dollar

In the average of banks and exchange houses, theretail dollarclosed on Friday, February 19 at 94.40 for sale, according to daily information provided by the central bank in his web page.

The solidarity dollarIt is trading at $ 122.2 pesos. While the savings or tourist dollar that includes the 35% surcharge is priced at $ 155

Fixed deadlines today

The rise of the interest rates for fixed terms in banks with a floor of 37.00% in placements by savers.

How much do each bank pay today this Sunday, February 21, for fixed terms? The largest banks that publish their reference value online:

● Banco Macro offers 37% for its clients
● Banco Santander Río offers 37% for its clients
● Banco Galicia offers 37% for its clients
● Banco de la Provincia de Buenos 37% for its clients
● Banco BBVA Argentina SA 37% for its clients