How much is the cycle of an iPhone compared to an Android cell phone?

How long does a cell phone? It is a question that could have several ramifications. In the first place, the useful life would be considered and on the other hand what the device actually lasts. Specifically, next we are going to talk about device uptime.

So, in order to get to the real calculation, we must take into account the updates of the operating systems. In addition, new versions of the most popular applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram: yes, from social networks. Why can’t you download a social network? What is your cell phone for?

So, the Ipadizate portal reveals that an iPhone could have a useful life of four years. I may exceed this time, but what comes after that will be APK in great quantities. So four years would be the average time.

For example, iPhone recently updated its operating system to version iOS 14. The oldest cell phone that can be downloaded is the iPhone 6S, which came out in 2015. Although this cell phone is about to be six years old, its operation is very limited. The oldest ones that offer respectable performance are the iPhone 8.

Android Duration

In the case of Android, the duration is much shorter. It is true that these computers have many more ways to install programs that are no longer compatible with the new versions. But the equipment is more disposable than the iPhone, as revealed by the aforementioned portal.

Details Ipadizate, which took data from the firm Recon Analytics, that the main reason for the end of the life of Android is the device itself. They explain that they are more fragile equipment and that batteries tend to damage faster.

Compared to the iPhone, there are more generic spare parts on Android and this considerably shortens the useful life of the equipment to about 21 months on average. That is, less than two years.