How much have mobiles gotten more expensive in the last five years?

The demand for mobile phones has grown in the last five years, and has been accompanied by a increase in prices which currently makes this type of device a 75% more expensive five years ago.

The ‘online’ price comparator,, has carried out a study to analyze different aspects of the evolution of smartphones, within the framework of the 37th anniversary of the first mobile phone call, by Motorola.

Year after year, the telecommunications market offers news in smartphones: such as the wireless connection with 5G technology, Artificial Intelligence, through cameras with super zoom, the possibility of integrating two SIMs at the same time, facial recognition, folding screens, among other trends.

Each update and design of phones reactivates the consumer’s need to be up-to-date, with which the study concludes that since 2016 the demand for smartphones has increased more than 244%, which shows an accelerated rate of users to change or search for a new mobile device.

And furthermore, these novelties represent a price increase, to the point that it has been recorded that, compared to five years ago, mobile phones have cost 75% more today, as the comparator has shared in a statement.

The study reveals that Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi are the preferred mobile phone brands of consumers. In 2016 the demand was led by the Samsung Galaxy S6, while in 2017 and 2018 the Chinese company Xiaomi entered the game. For 2019 Apple was positioned at the top and shared space with Samsung and Xiaomi, while for 2020 and 2021 the company of the bitten apple led the preference of the Spanish.

Mobile phones have become a essential item for most people, or so 70% of Spaniards recognize it, who assure that they do not leave home without checking if they have their mobile with them. In Spain 96% of citizens have a mobile phone and of them, 87% are smartphones.