Although digital platforms have become a very useful resource for buying and renting a property, the truth is that the work of a real estate consultant in this process can make the difference between making an investment or buying or renting. become an expense.

And it is that although the options available on the web have evolved to be increasingly sophisticated, they cannot cover all the needs that the purchase or rental process implies.

In this way it is important to consider the cost of the services of a real estate consultant when it comes to renting or buying a property.

The cost and advantages

With this in mind, Jorge Letayf, director of marketing at RE / MAX Mexico, indicates which and how the cost of having a real estate consultant is calculated based on the client’s needs.

When buying or renting

According to the manager, in this case the services of a real estate consultant are free, and thanks to the advice of this professional it is possible to optimize the process in the following areas

The ideal location
Consult range of offers depending on the budget
Time saving
Optimize the application for a real estate credit.

When selling a property

If the client wants to sell a property, according to the RE / MAX Mexico spokesperson, “the cost for the services of a Professional Real Estate Advisor (in Mexico) ranges from 5 percent to 8 percent, it all depends on the area and the type of operation ”.

According to your experience with the payment of these fees, you may have advice in the following areas:

Determine the correct price of the property
Design and execution of a marketing plan to promote ownership
Guidance in the preparation of contracts as well as in the collection of the necessary documents to close the different procedures involved.