How much does a night cost at the Hotel Cecil and other series and movie accommodations

Not everyone would dare to sleep in it Hotel Cecil after watching the Netflix docuseries and learn about the case of the mysterious disappearance of Elisa Lam. The strip became a true phenomenon among viewers, tightening the strings of curiosity and curiosity.

The establishment, which is in Los Angeles, was built in 1924 by hotelier William Amontona Hanner, according to a note in the newspaper La Tercera. It cost a million dollars and followed a Beaux Arts style , with marble lobby. With the great depression, as happened with many hotels in the United States, it was decided to lower prices and allow longer stays. That’s where the stories of crime and misfortune began.

It was sold and remodeled in 2007. In 2011 it changed its name to “Stay on main” and offered the rooms for prices ranging from $ 23 to $ 50 . But without managing to rebound due to the Elisa Lam case, it changed hands again in 2014. Since 2017 it has been closed and undergoing renovation. Those who want to spend a night there, at the risk of not slewing an eye, will have to wait.


Hotel Cecil 2020

From Elisa Lam to multi-star guests. Many series and movies moved their set to hotels, many times much more glamorous than Cecil. Some of the accommodations that were seen on the screen and their rates:




Hotel The Pierre, where Monica and Chandler’s wedding was filmed

The hotel The Pierre,Where did you marry Monica and Chandler in Friends. It is just minutes from Central Park. This five star charges $ 37,000 per night for the double room.




Gossip girl

The Empire Hotel,At Colombus Circle, it can be a point of interest for Gossip Girl fans. The character of Chuck Bass will not be present but perhaps fans will find an allusion to the series. Rooms cost more than 70,000 pesos. Also because of that figure, you can sleep in the Plaza that was featured in dozens of series and movies such as The Great Gatsby or American Hustle.

Lost in Tokyo


The Hyatt in Tokyo where the lonely Scarlett and Murray meet

Sofia Coppola’s movie starring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson (role for which he rose to fame), was recorded in the Park Hyatt Hotel Tokyo, an impressive 52-story building that offers spectacular views of the Japanese capital and Mount Fuji. A double room with this panoramic view has a value that exceeds 91,000 pesos. Taxes must be added to that amount.

Stephen King

Known as the place that inspired Stephen King to write the movie The Shiningr, one of the most famous horror author, the Stanley Hotel, A mountain resort in Colorado housed the novelist and his wife Tabitha for one night in October 1974.

It is rumored that the Kingsthey were the only guests that night, one of the last before the 155-room hotel closed completely in the winter. They stayed in room 217. The founder of the hotel was Freelan Oscar Stanley, creator of a famous steam car. Personalities such as the American president paraded through the facilities Theodore Roosevelt, Molly Brown (a Titanic survivor) and the Japanese Emperor Hirohito.

Some tourists claim that Stanley spirits still roam the hotel. To stop in one of the rooms you have to pay at least $ 276. However, the movie was not filmed there but at the Ahwanee Hotel in Yosemite Park.

Sex and the city


La Mamounia, from Morocco, where the second Sex and the City was set

The second spinoff movie in the series was shot in Morocco. More precisely in the stunning hotel Mamounia, where Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda celebrate Carrie’s wedding. The 8-hectare complex has 77 luxury suites. The nightly rate starts at $ 781.

Also, in the last episodes of the series, during Carrie’s stay in Paris, stays in the flirtatious Hotel Plaza Athénée where the rooms have a price that starts at 113,000 pesos. It will be necessary to know them only on the screen.





The Stanley Hotel from which The Shining was inspired and which some say is haunted