How much do Rita Ora’s sporty looks cost?

Chanel, jewelry and Air Jordan. We tell you how much money the singer dresses to maintain her exercise sessions.

Without a doubt, Rita Ora is one of the most fiery women in Hollywood. The 30-year-old American singer and actress has been photographed more than once wearing different sports outfits.

Following a super strict training, the singer does not miss an opportunity to show her marked abdomen.

A fan of Pilates classes, Rita Ora does not hesitate to show off her casual looks, accompanied by a super worked abdomen and an incredible physique.

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But how much do the looks that Rita Ora uses to maintain her workouts cost?

With a super close-fitting yellow outfit that reveals her firm abdomen, the actress heads to her Pilates class.

Combining a single color, the top and booties that Ora wears in this photo, barely exceeds $ 100. The set can be found on the Stax page.

And although it seems that her look turns out to be quite cheap for Rita Ora, she carries a Prada bag that exceeds twice the value of the complete set. $ 2250 is just for the purse.

For its part, it is wearing a New Balance shoe, which on the web exceeds $ 350 dollars.

With a more subtle and classic palette, this black set is one of our favorites. Featuring sheer details on the shoulder and chest, this Airlift Crescent Bra sports top from Aloyoga is valued at $ 62.

The bags give the distinctive touch of your look. Accompany this outfit with a Chanel turquoise leather wallet with a value on the official website of $ 1750.

Finally, he crowns it with a bracelet that Curtir “Juste un Clou”, much more expensive than we imagined. The bracelet is priced at $ 12,500.

Finally, with his blue outfit he crowns a series of sports garments that today have become his trademark.

Undoubtedly, their bags are the key to the outfit. In this outfit, she combines her turquoise Chanel bag with Air Jordan sneakers again.

Valued at $ 219 dollars on the website of the “Fight Club” store, the singer and actress has adopted a casual, sporty and undoubtedly expensive look.

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