Little by little, many companies and government offices of Mexico they have been forced to operate under the model “home office”, Or remote work, in order to stop the Covid-19 spread and take care of their employees and relatives.

Although for some this new work modality, which aims to become a daily routine in the coming weeks, is much more comfortable. However, for others it has represented a problematic by not counting with a computer or an adequate connectivity signal.

In addition, the main Internet services they could be affected as people increase in confinement for long periods of time, to the extent of not guaranteeing network accesses.

In interview with Infobae Mexico, Rafael Pazarán, a specialist in information technology and security at La Salle University, talks about the consequences Y challenges that internet services will have in the country in the coming days:

With the increase of people working from their homes throughout the day, the content overloads will harm network behavior of the company that is.

In addition to this, the specialist points out that the service that counts the majority of people at home was hired for leisure and sporadic work, unlike those in offices and businesses. But then How much will it affect us if we need to work daily from home?

Pazarán gives as an example what has happened in Chinawhere companies decreased browsing and download speed with the aim of not overloading their networks and guaranteeing connectivity for the entire population.

Same case in Italy and Spain, two of the countries with total confinement, where you sign as Netflix, Facebook-Instagram and Youtubethey opted for reduce the bit resolution of videos that are published on their platforms.

Although in our country there is no development of an ad hoc community in these circumstances, Rafael ensures that the services they are acceptable and at the moment do not present risks of collapse.

However, the technologist emphasizes that companies and their workers they should be aware that at some point their functions may be affected by extraordinary measures of internet service companies to guarantee access in sectors that need it most. He asserted that a home office strategy should not only be to send their workers home, but have a work plan and organize reasonable delivery times.

In this regard, Rafael Parezán gives some recommendations To avoid setbacks when working with your home server:

– If you’re going to watch a streaming service movie, download them at night, or in hours where they do not work. Similarly with the music charts.

– Avoid using Youtube constantly.

– Do not send too many messages by WhatsApp with video, unless necessary

– Do not leave applications open on our smartphones, because they consume bits even if we don’t use them.