Coffee is a drink that is associated with wonderful medicinal properties. Its high antioxidant power gives it great benefits for weight loss, it is attributed qualities to accelerate metabolism and stimulate the burning of body fat

The coffee is is on the list of three most famous and consumed beverages worldwide, thanks to such popularity much has been said about their nutritional properties and its medicinal effects. It is a product that wonders are always spoken and when it is consumed of the form and in the correct quantities.

In recent years much has been said about the benefits of drinking coffee to lose weight and that is why it has become part of the more fashionable trends to lose those extra pounds. Although the reality is that Since 1980 is related to caffeine with benefits for speed up metabolism and is valued for its ability to exercise a temogenic effect, which is known as the process of generating heat in the body due to metabolic reactions. This action is responsible for give you enough energy to the body to keep active and by consequence lose weight.

Coffee is also said to have the peculiarity is stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, which results in a much faster removal of adipose tissue. its low calorie intake and his ccaffeinated provides energy to burn calories and its habitual consumption is related to a powerful ability to control appetite, reduce fat absorption, improves the metabolism and circulation.

Slim with consuming the exact amount of coffee:

Various studies prove that they exist two factors involved in the success of coffee consumption to enhance the weightloss, the first one refers to the quality of the coffee; it is important to guarantee the consumption of variants of coffee rich in polyphenols, the types of green and unroasted coffee they are an extraordinary alternative. The polyphenols containing coffee are considered a powerful antioxidant resulting from seeds grown at high altitudes and which are not roasted.

Second is the consumption of the correct amounts and preparations of coffee, should avoid consuming coffee with any additive like milk, cream, sugar or any extra ingredients. It’s fundamental consume fresh and pure black coffee, for the regular drinkers experts recommend consuming 100 grams a day to experience a change, is the equivalent of a minimum of 3 cups a day.

Thanks to the proven benefits provided by daily coffee intake various eating plans have been created that include it as the star food productn, the most famous is the coffee diet that in addition to coffee consumption promotes elimination of consumption of refined carbohydrates, processed foods and follow the bases of the Mediterranean diet.