How many X-Men movies are there on Disney Plus?

One of the news that most excited Marvel fans was the purchase by the Walt Disney Company from 20th Century Fox, so that would indicate that the study of the mouse would finally be made of the long-awaited rights of mutants like Wolverine, Charles Xavier and Deadpool, although naturally the latter could not see the light of day in Disney Plus.

Although in Disney Plus you can find all the films that Marvel Studios has made -or almost all- from Iron Man to Avengers Endgame, the arrival of the X-Men mutants to Disney Plus is a fact although we are not necessarily talking about all the films, which we announce below:

X-Men Ranking Storm Mystique Wolverine Wolfsbane

As you can see, they are not all X-Men movies. Let’s start with the most obvious which are Deadpool Y Deadpool 2, C-rated tapes with excess of rudeness and violence, something unthinkable to see on Disney Plus.

On the other hand, there is not the one that is considered by many the best mutant movie that is X-Men 2 by Bryan Singer, and that in its end it would show that we would be before the Phoenix saga, but that it ended up being a failure in X-Men The Final Battle.

x-men disney plus

As far as the most popular mutant is concerned, we only find X-Men Wolverine Origins and leave out the two films directed by James Mangold: Immortal Wolverine Y LoganNaturally, the latter will not be seen on Disney Plus either due to its high violent and graphic content.

Finally, they are not The new mutants, but this would be natural if we consider that the film was released a few months ago in theaters and its arrival in digital format is just beginning its commercial run.

Disney Plus X-Men

Sergio López Aguirre Stanley Kubrick once said “To have a broader vision, not only see good movies, but also the bad ones” obviously I listened to him in the second and it’s very funny.