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VALORANT finally officially debuted worldwide a few weeks ago, with great success. Despite the title having a fair amount of characters, Riot Games is committed to expanding the content and supporting it for many years. Until today we did not know how often new characters, modes and content would arrive, but a few hours ago Riot Games gave more details.

VALORANT executive producer Anna Donlon took advantage of the latest update video to report on the content cadence that VALORANT will receive over the course of a year. According to the developer, the premiere of the game is the beginning and more features and improvements are expected to be added as Riot Games polishes the game and receives feedback from users. As an example, Donlon mentioned that an option to surrender prematurely, to give rematches, measures to protect streamers, as well as changes to the user interface will be added soon.

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VALORANT will receive a lot of content throughout the year

Donlon talked about how they will distribute new content each year. To start you should know that the new content will be divided into Episodes and Acts. The former will last 6 months, while the latter will be renewed every 2 months. In other words, within 1 year, there will be 2 Episodes and 6 Acts per year (each Episode will encompass 3 Acts).

Each Act will kick off with the inclusion of a new agent, so 6 new characters are expected to be introduced each year. The beginning of each Act will also be marked with the inclusion of a new Battle Pass. New skins will arrive with a cadence of 1 or 2 weeks.

But that’s not all, as we tell you, there will also be Episodes, which will focus on developing the VALORANT story and will explain some mysteries of the title, such as the reason why the island floats and the reason for the green boxes on the maps . Also, it is expected that with the arrival of a new Episode, a function never seen before or a new mechanic will appear.

Riot Games works on new modes and ensuring the best gaming experience

As you know, VALORANT debuted with the bomb mode, but the players asked for a mode that doesn’t take that long. Riot Games has listened to them and therefore works more quickly in the creation of new modes. Spike Rush is one of them, and while it is not yet known when he will debut, he is expected to do so before the start of Episode 2.

Riot Games is committed to making the VALORANT gaming experience one of the best and to achieve this it is not only working on a strong cheat detection system, but also wants to eliminate toxic users. The developer already has tools to report people with inappropriate behaviors and invited her community to use them.

What did you think about the timing of the inclusion of new content? Did you expect VALORANT to update with that frequency? Tell us in the comments.

The Riot Games shooting game has been so popular on PC that console gamers have wondered if there is a chance it will hit these platforms. Given this, Riot Games mentioned that there are probabilities, but it may not succeed.

VALORANT is only available on PC. You can find more news related to him if you visit his file.

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