How many grams of fat should we eat per day if we want to lose weight

According to Healthline, fat is one of the 3 macronutrients that our body needs. The body absorbs it from food, and through certain processes converts it into part of the energy that the body requires to function.

It is also known that excess fat is not recommended for people who want slim down, so their consumption should be measured very well and determine how much fat they can add to the diet without fear of possible weight gain.

How much fat to consume if we want to lose weight?

Initially, common sense states that our diet should be low in fat if our goal is to lose weight. This happens because, as you well know, the fat that accumulates in the body will increase our body weight.

On the one hand, yes it is true that fat increases body weight to the extent that we accumulate it in different sectors of the body, such as arms, legs, abdomen, thighs, among others. This accumulation of fat will serve as an energy reserve.

But nevertheless, fat intake by itself is not enough for body weight gain, but it has to be conjugated with other factors that promote that fat continues to accumulate over time.

One of the most prominent factors is the lack of physical activity, which prevents us from burning the fat reserves of our body to be able to use it as “fuel” when exercising.

In this sense, it is worth saying that there is no specific amount of fat that we must consume per day in order to lose weight, being all subject to our energy requirements and the degree to which we perform physical activity to burn calories.

Fat functions

Fat ConsumptionFat ConsumptionYour daily fat intake will depend on what your body needs and the amount of exercise you do. Source: Pexels

Fat is a macronutrient that performs important functions within our body. Some of them are:

Power source

Fat is an excellent supplier of energy when give 9 calories per gram. For their part, proteins and carbohydrates offer only 4 calories.

This makes fat an excellent resource for people who require high amounts of energy for your daily activities.

Hormonal regulation

Fat regulates the production of reproductive hormones and steroids. It also gets involved with the genes associated with growth and metabolism in the body.

Taste and satiety

Adding fat to foods makes them more delicious, which justifies why especially fatty foods are so desired by people, even when their excessive consumption is dangerous.

On the other hand, and even in a minimal way, fat contributes to a feeling of fullness, allowing us to feel full with what we consume.

There is no minimum amount of fat to consume per day if we want to lose weight. In this sense, we recommend you adjust your fat intake with the objective you want to set, as well as your facilities to achieve it in the short, medium or long term.

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