What most teams feared most has occurred within the staff of a clear candidate for the ring in the NBA 2020. The serious injury of Rajon Rondo subtracts the Los Angeles Lakers from the fight for the title, many more than some people may believe. Whoever was the Boston Celtics’ marvel base for eight years, 2008 NBA champion and four-time All Star (between 2010 and 2013) is much more than a faded star or an illustrious name that has lost integers. Rajon has known how to assume a different role in recent years, after injuries and physical losses that have made his game less explosive, but even smarter.

Its importance in Los Angeles Lakers This season was essential. In a team where the base position is held informally by Lebron JamesHaving a veteran seasoned in a thousand battles, whose pulse did not stop at peak moments and who knows how to lead the team, was essential. Averaged 20.5 minutes per game, sharing court with Lebron in many situations and assuming the leadership of the team every time the team superstar had refreshing minutes. James is the great victim of this loss since he will have to redouble his efforts when it comes to kneading the ball and in management tasks, something very risky at 35 and after such a long hiatus as the one that has occurred the coronavirus.

Rondo was averaging 7.1 points, 3 rebounds and 5 assists, which is a clear demonstration of his omnipresence on the court every time he played. Perhaps he did not perform a job as precious as the one that led him to the altars in the Celtics, but he was one of the great pillars facing the ring, since his defensive dedication, wisdom when it comes to getting on the track and ability to change defending and stealing balls with his fast hands, he allowed the Angelenos to run on the counterattack and easily reap points. If the absence of Avery BradleyIt is evident that the defense of the Lakers is very disrupted.

The estimated time to recover from a broken thumb is around two months, but as much as you can still return in time to compete in the final rounds, if Los Angeles Lakers They are still in contention, it will come without a competition rhythm. Salvatore Caruso he will have to assume much more prominence than anyone would have expected, since he does not trust too much Quinn Cook for matches of a certain level, although this could have minutes in the last matches of the regular season. What is evident is that Lebron James He has suffered a severe setback with this loss and the aspirations of the Lakers are greatly diminished.