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PlayStation 4 will receive some of its latest great titles this year. Something similar will happen with PlayStation VR, because this week Marvel’s Iron Man VR will be released. Camouflaj has already completed the development of the title, so it is a matter of waiting.

Fans of superhero and virtual reality still have some doubts about this project. Because of this, Ryan Payton, the studio’s director, decided to reveal additional details about Marvel’s Iron Man VR. Thanks to this, we know the estimated duration of the game, a little more about its world and its characters.

Revealed Estimated Duration of Marvel’s Iron Man VR

Payton defined Marvel’s Iron Man VR as the definitive virtual reality game for the popular superhero. The creative emphasized once again that this project is not a kind of demo or short experience, as it was intended as a complete and quality title.

The development team initially thought that the game would last approximately 4 or 5 hours. However, they were surprised to see that the time averages were almost double.

This means that Marvel’s Iron Man VR will last between 8 or 10 hours, which is good news as it is a title in virtual reality. Payton assured that one of the great challenges for the creation of the game was the large environments

« Achieving texture streaming to keep up with Iron Man’s super speed was a complex technical hurdle, but we stopped at nothing to ensure players can fly through beautiful rendered Marvel panoramas, » said the creative.

Players will be able to visit locations such as the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Stark Facility and Shanghai. On their way, they will be able to interact with characters such as Pepper Potts, Nick Fury and F.R.I.D.A.Y., who will form an important part of the narrative.

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Marvel’s Iron Man VR will arrive on July 3 exclusively for PlayStation VR. Find all the news related to the title in this link.