How long does food last in the freezer?

How long has that container been in the freezer? You may not even remember the last time you took a look at what you had frozen, but you have to do it much more often than you think. In fact, not all foods last the same time frozen. And that’s where the big question comes in, because when we know that not all products stay frozen the same, one thinks: How long can we have frozen food?

Freezing food can save us: first, from avoid throwing waste, if done right. Second, of a day that we do not have time or desire to cook. This is why it is so It is important to control the time the products are frozen what we have.

The first thing to clarify is that we are not going to talk about foods that are already frozen. So that in the packaging usually tells you the expiration date, which is usually around three months. That is, we are talking about when we prepare some food ourselves or freeze it with the idea of ​​taking it out later. We need to keep in mind that that future day is not indefinite, Unfortunately. After a certain date, the products that we freeze are no longer good.

This is the time that we can have something frozen

From leftover bread to game meat, through seafood, fish or fruits and vegetables; practically everything can be frozen. There are exceptions, like eggs or potatoes, which are almost better off not going to the freezer; but even if you want, you can.

For example, him unmade bread (precooked) lasts just a month while frozen strawberries can last 8-10 months, just like other fruits. With this table you will know what can be frozen and for how long:

Came chopped,
Offal, corns up to 12 months
maximum 8 months
up to 6 months

maximum 2 months
up to 3 months

Birds and gameChicken and poultry
Small maximum 10 months
up to 5 months
maximum 6 months
up to 3 monthsFish
and seafood
White fish
Fatty fish
Seafood up to 6 months
maximum 3 months
up to 3 monthsVegetablesMost of them up to 12 monthsFruitSo much if they have been packaged
in syrup or with dry sugar,
depending on the variety from 8 to 10 monthsEggs and
dairy products
Eggs, butter
Soft cheese up to 6 months
maximum 3 months
up to 8 monthsCake shopBaked pies and cakes
No-bake cake dough for up to 6 months
up to 3 monthsBread and pastriesBread and buns up to 3 monthsReady mealsSoups and sauces
Stews, stews and dishes
cooked without much fat for up to 4 months

up to 3 months

Frozen products
Follow the manufacturer’s advice
Regarding the period of
storage, generally up to 3 months Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare


But how do I know that this frozen food has been in there for more or less time? The best advice in these cases is that label everything you put in the freezeras that is the only way to have an answer. The label should contain what it is and when it has been put in the freezer, so with that information you will be able to know at a glance if what you plan to eat today is within this time window. Or, on the contrary, the product will not last much longer frozen.

Therefore, the products that we buy and decide to freeze can last for a long time. And it is that surely your freezer needs you to take a look at it with some urgency, especially if you usually save and save and it takes a long time to eat what you have inside. What’s more, maybe it’s time to start organizing your freezer in a different way.