Regular walking has huge health benefits, according to experts. The recommended walking time will depend on the physical condition and the walking habit of each person. The walk can last from a minimum of 20 minutes to a full hour but: how long do you have to walk to lose weight?

Regular walking has huge health benefits, according to experts. However, notice its positive effects It will depend on the consistency with which this routine is practiced and the time that is dedicated to it.

According to Saber Vivir, there are several types of walks, depending on the physical form of each person. The best thing to do if you want to incorporate this healthy habit into your day to day is to start with 4 kilometers. Ideally, you should walk them in 1 hour, if one of your goals is to lose weight and lose weight.

Your recommendation is heat the first and last 5 minutes, while the remaining time is the exercise time. Once you have reached that level, you can increase the number of kilometers per hour, up to 6 or 7.

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What if we measure it in number of steps? The standard most repeated by all is that lThe ideal figure for walking is set at 10,000 strides. However, the amount will depend, again, on your physical form. According to Vitónica, sedentary people register less than 5,000 a day, between that figure and 7,500 you will be considered as not very active and, up to 10,000, somewhat active. If you exceed that range you are someone energetic.

According to these estimates, each one must set their goals and choose where they want to see themselves. To give you an idea, At a good pace, 10,000 steps can be taken in 1 hour.

To lose calories and benefit from all the positive effects of walking, you must be in that range, which is equivalent to about 7.5 kilometers per day. However, before reaching that goal, it is recommended start with 20 or 30 minutes of exercise.

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Now that you know the dedication you need to incorporate this form of exercise into your routine, you just need to know its huge positive health consequences.

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First walk activate your metabolism or improves intestinal transit. And, among its effects for mental well-being, increases self-esteem. In addition, walking strengthens the heart and helps prevent disease like cancer or Alzheimer’s, according to Saber Vivir.

This article was published in Business Insider Spain by Carlota G. Velloso.