How long an IMSS disability is valid to collect it

When the worker suffers an illness or has an accident, in case he cannot carry out his work immediately, the IMSS gives him a disability. Due to changes made in the administrative process, the process to collect it has been simplified and streamlined, but there are many who want to receive the money immediately, which is impossible because they do not have a bank account for the Institute to make the deposit there.

The duration of the disability is determined based on two issues: the link between work and illness or accident and the period in which the worker continues to carry out their work activities.

The benefits that have to do with money can be collected in the course of a year, in accordance with the provisions of Article 300 of the current Social Security Law. Photo: Reformation.

How long do you have to collect a disability from the IMSS?

If you go to the bank and they tell you that they have not deposited your disability yet, the most likely thing is that they will ask you to go to IMSS Economic Benefits, to find out how your process for disability collection is going.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t go to the IMSS immediately, to ask when you can collect your disability. The Social Security Law gives benefits that involve payments of money one year to collect, and two years when the disability is linked to a job risk. This is established in Article 300 of the Social Security Law, which says the following:

« Article 300. The right of the insured or their beneficiaries to claim the payment of benefits in money, with respect to insurance for occupational risks, illnesses and maternity, disability and life, and childcare facilities and social benefits prescribes in one year in accordance with the following rules:

« L. Any monthly payment of a pension, family allowance or assistance aid, as well as the Christmas bonus;

« II. Subsidies for incapacity for work due to non-professional illness and maternity;

« III. Help with funeral expenses, and

« IV. The settlements established by law.

« Subsidies for incapacity to work derived from a work risk, prescribe in two years from the day on which the right to its perception had been generated. » (Social Security Law).

You can collect your disability if you present your current official identification and the Insured copy of the Certificate of disability, which was delivered by the IMSS. It is better that you bring a copy of the documents, because they could ask for it.

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So, if you still do not receive a disability and it is not more than a year after you received it, go to the IMSS office.

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