Uncertainty about the future of the superhero team has grown, after announcing the release of the director’s version of JL, some fans have wondered if Could ‘Justice League: Snyder Cut’ have a sequel? Since this fact could return to one of Zack Snyder’s most ambitious plans.

As already commented, the director of ‘Justice League’ (JL) had to leave production due to the death of his daughter, Autumn, to which the filmmaker Joss Whedon was in charge of finishing it, only, it changed most of the ones that had already been worked on, so it ended up presenting a totally different film from what Snyder had in mind.

This was only the tip of the Iceberg, since the problems had started shortly before the start of the feature film, since according to sources close to Warner Bros., the divided criticism of ‘Batman V Superman’, also a Zack film, caused that said director along with his co-writer, Chris Terrio had to rewrite part of the script for JL and concentrate it on a plot of only two hours, something that affected the original plans.

As based on what has been revealed in recent years, history was going to show that by defeating Steppenwolf, heroes would see the arrival of Darkseid, who gets the anti-life equation and manages to enslave humanity along with Superman, creating the alternate reality seen in ‘Batman V Superman’. So the second part would be the confrontation against this villain which would conclude with the death of the night knight.

Unfortunately, seeing this second part, which could have been released around 2019, was impossible, both for the previous points and the collection of the 657 million dollars at the box office, with which the investment made by Warner Bros was barely recovered, this added to the path of individual films that the DC Expanded Universe was building.

Shortly after the premiere of JL, the Snyder Cut campaign was made to see the director’s version and until 2020 the task was achieved when HBO Max announced that this project would be seen on its platform, despite the 20 million investment for finish the idea, but could ‘Justice League: Snyder Cut’ have a sequel?

Everything will depend on the reception it has and the users who have managed to subscribe to HBO Max, also on the question that if the actors return to these roles it could be difficult, but not impossible since both Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa they were supporting the ‘Snyder Cut’ campaign. The only thing that could complicate things is that for the sequel you would have to invest plus 150 million dollars, so Warner Bros. will have to see if the project is profitable.

‘Justice League: Snyder Cut’ will premiere in 2021, However, it is unknown if it will be a kind of mini series or a movie, over time more information about this expected project will be provided by fans,