How is LeBron James doing when he has the 6 on his back?

LeBron James wants to remain the King in the NBA. He does not finish confirming it with the achievement of more MVP’s and this year he will not endorse him with a new ring, but what is indisputable is that he continues to be one of the best players in the league with an abysmal difference. His injury has repressed him in these Lakers but next season there will be more opportunities for Bron and he will face them with the return of the mythical 6 at his back.

But now the question is … How is LeBron James doing when he wears 6 and not 23 on his shirt? The most superstitious might believe that this will influence the player’s performance and the reality is that, by chance or for whatever reason we do not know, their numbers vary depending on the number they have been wearing.

Better or worse?

If we look at what was achieved with the 23 on the back, Lebron James has managed to generate 27 points per game, around 7.5 assists and rebounds per game, 1.5 steals, a series of shots of 49% success in field shots, 34% from the triple and 73 from the free throw (data from @StatMuse).

And with the 6? Well, the reality is that it almost traces the points, with 26.9 per game (0.1 less), it exceeds the rebounds per game by 2 tenths, but gives almost one less assist (6.7). Of course, he improves all the sections of his shot, with 54% in FG, 37 from the 3-point line and 76 from free.

The return to the 1920s for LeBron James in one of his last NBA adventures with the Los Angeles Lakers. Will we see an improved version of the King with his return to the number that made him implode in the league?

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