How God brought her into the world! Jem Wolfie poses from his bed

How God brought her into the world!  Jem Wolfie poses from his bed (Instagram)

How God brought her into the world! Jem Wolfie poses from his bed | Instagram

The curvy model Jem wolfie has mocked the c3nsura of the social network once again by circulating a photograph in which she poses as God brought her into the world and on her bed, surely leaving more than one of her followers breathless.

The beautiful fitness girl Jem Wolfie continues to impress her fans even though she no longer has her official Instagram account, as fan accounts continue to delight everyone with more pictures of her where she leaves little room for imagination.

Wolfie made her debut by becoming known in her native Australia as a chef and from there she rose to fame, however, little by little she was showing more qualities for different types of activities and this is how she today has managed to become one of the most complete influencers.

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And well, in addition to her incredible talent in the kitchen, Jem was regularly featured on her Instagram account as a great basketball player.

And it is that in a very significant number of her publications on the famous social network she could be seen with excellent control of the ball and with great aim in the shot.

However, Jem Wolfie for being so flirtatious in each of her photos and videos on the social network Instagram, her official account has unfortunately been deactivated for several weeks.

This is how the influencer has lost more than 2.6 million followers after the famous social network Instagram fired her for breaking its rules.

On this occasion we will show you a photograph where Jem looks really exquisite, since we can appreciate her posing from her bed while she is totally naked and with only a white towel on his head.


On the other hand, while he had his official Instagram account, we could also see Wolfie as a great pianist and guitarist, with whom music is also part of his personal training.

And if the voluptuous model lacked something, it was to present another artistic facet, which she also did in one of her Instagram posts, and that was where she was shown a huge canvas that she herself painted in which we can see a wolf In their habitat.

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There is no doubt that Jem Wolfie is pure talent, and he continues to show it every day although now only on his OnlyFans website.