how Elizabeth Taylor got radiant skin

Beauty tips: how Elizabeth Taylor got radiant skin
January 18, 2021 10:16 hs

Elizabeth taylor was a recognized movie star. She had the honor of being named a Lady of the British Empire in 1999. Also, for her fans, she was a symbol in the world of beauty.

Learn about Elizabeth Taylor’s beauty secrets.

The power of her beauty and her intense violet gaze will remain forever in the memory of her followers. While living, Elizabeth Taylor shared some interesting beauty tips to look perfect at all times:

1. Her flawless skin was achieved by spreading, first, a matte foundation, followed by a concealer for imperfections, and finally, translucent powder.

2. Well-defined brows were the result of waxing or tweezing to achieve an arched shape. In addition, the empty spaces were filled in with pencil.

This is how actress Elizabeth Taylor maintained perfect skin.

3. His violet eyes were even stronger with the help of a khôl and mascara.

4. Her red lips fell in love with many. On them, an intense red lipstick with a creamy texture was applied, which gave it a very sensual touch.