How easy! Learn Dua Lipa’s beauty tips for long trips

How easy! Learn Dua Lipa’s beauty tips for long trips
January 23, 2021 15:45 hs

British singer Dua Lipa continues to demonstrate why she is the most representative British female figure of these times, as well as her strength and creativity to, for example, solve chapped lips with hydration in record time.

With the load of events and as part of the contract responsibility with her record label ‘Warner Music Records’, as well as other obligations for events related to her image in advertising, the 25-year-old artist confessed in an interview with ‘Elle’ Now if she cares about skincare much more than when she was not a regular traveler.

This is how the jovial and friendly singer of ‘Be the one’ spoke about the care she now offers her dermis from the beginning of the day. Your day begins with a customary morning shower after which you apply a high-performance cleansing cream to your face, neck, and décolleté.

Other of his « infallible » tricks is in the application of a suitable sunscreen to the Ph of your skin, a body moisturizer and a vitamin B serum, which are applied via ultravenous and that guarantees the star born in London a boosting the immune system to avoid getting sick on tour and conserve energy.

Brush your lips at the same time as your teeth to remove dead skin, always carry a sachet full of electrolytes, wear basic makeup as often as necessary, and exercise for at least 15 minutes in your hotel room when on tour using the ‘ClassPass’ app are some of the beauty habits on long trips.

Her authentic photos published on her social networks, in which she is very active and where she shows the progress related to her album ‘Future Nostalgia’, released at the beginning of 2020, and for which she has earned the praise of artists like Rosalía .