What happens when we tell sexist jokes to women and men? The results of the following study revealed that sexist and non-stereotypical jokes had the greatest impact on women.

Women rated jokes about men as funnier than jokes about themselves, jokes about them as less funny than how men rated jokes about men, and they rated jokes about men as funnier than men.

Sexist humor

As this study also reported, men found sexist anti-feminine humor more acceptable and enjoyed it more than women.

It was also suggested that sexist humor was more personally acceptable when communicated by a woman; that hostile sexism was positively associated with personal acceptance of sexist humor as harmless; and that perceived social acceptance was positively associated with personal acceptance of derogatory humor as harmless.

Sexist humor acts as a prejudice ‘liberator’, and according to some studies, jokes about blondes or female drivers, for example, can lead to tolerance of hostile feelings and discrimination against women. It also happens with homosexuals, as this study points out, although not with politicsLaughing at them with jokes doesn’t seem to demean what we think about them.

The social, cultural and psychological issues that fourth wave feminism seeks to address are also more complex and more difficult to understand, leading to disagreement among feminists on which issues should be prioritized. For example, the use of sexist humor. Studies in this regard offer conclusions drawn with a grain of salt, and many times contradictory.

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Like earlier eras of feminist thought, the fourth wave is not a homogeneous movement. The organizers of many women’s marches say they are campaigning for “those who believe in a world that is equitable, tolerant, fair and safe for all, in which the human rights and dignity of each person are protected”, but there are differences of opinion about what that world would be like.

Should it be a world where there are limits on humor? Should those limits be placed just on sex?

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