How does the registration of power of attorney of the DGT work? Engine

Do you know the seizure record? We explain what it is and what its usefulness is today in our country.

The General Directorate of Traffic has a service that not all drivers are aware of: the possibility of delegating to a third party the completion of any procedure such as, for example, making transfers, notifying sales, issuing vehicle reports or reading the notifications that arrive. to his represented to the Electronic Road Direction (DEV) in addition to presenting any document. This is the registry of powers of attorney of the DGT and this is how it works.

The Electronic Registry of Powers of Attorney (REA) is a computer system through which we can empower a third person to act on our behalf as our representative or attorney-in-fact. In this way, you will be able to carry out any procedure both at the DGT’s digital headquarters and at the different Traffic headquarters.

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Who can be our representative? Any natural or legal person you can play this role. In addition, we can have more than one attorney-in-fact because the maximum number is defined by the DGT itself for each procedure. Of course, you must bear in mind that this paper has different validities depending on the route chosen to carry out the procedure:

Internet: 180 days (six months) although you can indicate a shorter period of time within this limit.
Telephone: one month from the day the operation is carried out, but it can be extended in certain cases.

On the other hand, you, as represented, will be able cancel this transfer of power or renew it for one or more new periods at any time.

How to make a seizure record

When registering this representation you will have three way to carry out the procedure:

In person: at a Traffic office by appointment.
By phone: calling 060.
Internet: through the electronic headquarters of the DGT.

In any of the three cases you will need to present a series of documents. In the first one (in person), both parties will have to fill in and sign the proxy granting or revocation form, present the NIF / NIE / CIF of the represented party or a certified photocopy and if it is a legal person, the original must be added or a certified copy of the CIF of the company and the documentation that proves the representative’s relationship.

If you register the representation by phone, they will verify your data and ask for the following information: full name or business name of the person who will act on your behalf as well as their DNI / NIE / CIF. And finally, if you opt for the virtual option you will need your digital certificate, electronic ID or PIN code in force.

Any of these procedures is gratuitous And, in addition, you can do them as many times as necessary.

This article was published in Autobild by Elena Sanz Bartolomé.