If you are worried that your mobile applications may be spying on you, follow these tricks to find out quickly and take note of what you can do to avoid it.

Today, users are increasingly aware of the importance of protecting our privacy when we use electronic devices or applications and internet services. For this reason, most of us are careful when installing programs and apps, ensuring that they always come from reliable sources and developers.

However, these precautions are often not enough, and it is common to read news that warns that they have been detected Malicious applications that spy on users.

If you are concerned that your mobile apps may be spying on you, you have various methods at your disposal to detect it and also to prevent it. Pay attention because we are going to explain some of the things you can do.

When we use a smartphone, sometimes we do not realize that they could be spying on us. In this tutorial we explain how to know if someone is spying on your mobile.

Find out which apps have permission to access the camera and microphone

For the apps on your mobile to spy on you, they need to have access to the camera and microphone. Checking the list of applications that can use these elements can help you identify possible malicious applications, since, for example, a flashlight app does not need to use either the camera or the microphone.

For review apps that have permission on Android Go to Settings> Applications and notifications> Advanced> Permission manager. Here, select the camera permissions and the microphone permissions to review the apps that can use these items, and tap on the Deny option in case you see something suspicious.

If you have an iPhone, go to Settings> Privacy> Microphone to see the applications that can use the microphone, and Camera for the camera. In this case you can also revoke the permission just by touching the slider.

How do you know if the camera or microphone is being used?

When the mobile’s camera or microphone is being used, users have no way of knowing. One of the novelties that Apple will introduce with iOS 14 is an indicator that notifies if the camera or microphone of the terminal is in use, so if you have an iPhone very soon you will be able to know if these elements are active. In addition, the Control Center will also have a function to view the apps that have recently used the camera or microphone.

If your mobile is Android, the Access Dots app makes this same functionality available to you and shows you an indicator if an application is using the camera or microphone.

What to do to prevent your mobile apps from spying on you?

Apart from being careful with the applications you install, if you don’t want your mobile to spy on you, you can also use accessories to block the camera or microphone.

To cover the camera of the mobile you can use adhesive sliding covers like these, which have a price of 7.90 euros nine units. You just have to stick them on your mobile and slide the cover when you don’t want to use the camera. In this way, even if an app has access to the component, it will not be able to record images.

If you want to prevent your mobile from listening to you, you can use a mic blocker like this one, which costs 8.33 euros on Amazon. Of course, your smartphone must have a 3.5 mm mini jack connector, otherwise you will not be able to use it.

[Fuente: Popular Mechanics]