The way communication is done – mainly in mass, has changed. If tools like radio and television were key pieces before, today, the reality is different. The reason? The advent of the internet brought another reality with the arrival of social networks.

And it is in the middle of some options that a channel stands out: it is Instagram. The network is democratic and allows photos and videos to be shared. Through hashtags, users can connect to their interests, which are just a few clicks away.

Currently, the network with 1 billion active users remains in first place when it comes to growth compared to other social networks. Instagram grows 5% per quarter, according to internal data provided by the company itself.

In this context, the feminine content gains strength – and is strengthened. Themes such as fashion, makeup, decoration, career, lifestyle, health and well-being are accentuated and, with this, new voices in the creation of content are born. This is the case of the influencer Duda Scherer: the young woman shares tips and a little of her routine on the networks.

Entertainment for everyone

Despite her young age, Duda produces interactive and democratic content that responds to the desires of many women. “I am happy to generate entertainment with my posts. I try to connect with the followers and, in some way, make a difference in their lives”, comments the influencer.

Duda makes theater, has participated in several workshops and decided to professionalize his Instagram account three years ago, when he realized his affinity with communication. “I am happy to have that opportunity and that voice. It is a unique sensation”, he says.

Duda is undoubtedly an adolescent inspiration for many girls. All your work is done with great care and care, since your account is 100% monitored. And all of this already bears fruit: with almost 30 thousand followers, the little girl has already participated in TV programs, films, Workshops and was selected for MGT 2015. “It is gratifying. I can say that I live my dream, because I do what I like it and I have contact with many dear people “, he concludes.

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