how do I hide my profile picture from a contact

The WhatsApp application has many tools with different objectives, from data privacy and entertainment, it allows you to place a profile photo that is shown to your contacts, but there is also a new option so that it is not reflected only to a specific person .

By using this app we are in constant interaction with other users, from friends, family, work colleagues or schoolmates. However, there are times when you only need to address specific topics with people we don’t really know, for example when requesting information about a job.

WhatsApp has several tools. Photo: Pixabay

In these types of situations, sometimes we do not want our information to be seen such as the profile photo, for this reason here we will tell you the steps so that you can hide it from a single contact.

1. Enter your contact list

First of all, what you have to do is enter the list of your contacts saved on your cell phone, but not from WhatsApp, but through the Calls or Contacts app.

2. Search for the contact and enter the edit menu

When you find your contact, you have to click on him to have access to his complete information.

Then select the edit icon so you can change the phone number of this contact.

3. Add this code

Before the phone number you have to put the prefix # 31 #, which is used to call without displaying the data.

After writing this code before the contact number you have to save it in your phonebook.

It’s all you have to do, in this simple way your profile picture will be hidden from the selected WhatsApp contact, but you can continue sending and receiving messages.

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