The “Live” came to Instagram a few years ago to allow the broadcast of live video, an interesting function to chat with other users that has a clear limitation: if you decide to save the live after doing them, they are only kept for 24 hours on your profile, just like the stories. On the other hand, there are users who do not even save them, so you know that you will not be able to see their live again once it ends.

To avoid losing your live or that of other users, you can download and save them on your mobile, where you can see them whenever you want. In this article we explain the two methods that you can use to download those videos live, both yours and other accounts.

How do I download the live shows on Instagram?

The steps you must follow to download direct on Instagram vary depending on who did those live broadcasts. If you have made them, it is faster and easier. The procedure gains some complexity when downloading direct from other users, since it is a function that Instagram does not offer you and you must resort to other apps. Below, we break down both processes to explain how to download both direct.

How to download your live shows on Instagram

Shortly after integrating the “Live Videos” feature, Instagram added the ability to download those videos live. Thanks to this tool, downloading the live shows you make on the social platform is very, very simple, although you should be careful, since you can only do it right after you have finished them.

At the end of a live show, on the screen that appears with the information on the number of users who have entered your live show, you will see a button that enables downloading of live video on your mobile. This is the down arrow, the usual icon for downloads, and it’s in the upper left corner.

By clicking on that button, the live video will be downloaded to your mobile phone, although you will not be able to see the comments or hearts that have been sent to you users during the broadcast. Before sharing the live in your stories or deleting it, remember to click on the download button if you don’t want to lose the video.

How to download the direct ones on Instagram from other users

Instagram doesn’t have a feature in your app that allows you to download the direct that other users have starred. For example, if your favorite singer has done a live concert through the social network and you want to save it, you cannot do it without resorting to other applications.

The best solution is to record the screen while the other user is broadcasting live, so that everything that appears on your screen will be recorded in a video that will be stored on your mobile. To record the screen of your Android phone we recommend the following 4 applications:

The operation of the applications dedicated to screen recording is similar: you hit the record button, enter the live you want to record and, when it finishes, you end the screen recording. That way, you will have recorded the live broadcast on Instagram in a video that will be stored on your phone, and that you can see whenever you want.

In this way, also you can see the comments and hearts that other users have sent During the live show, information not available when downloading your own live shows. At the moment, the recording of the mobile screen during a live on Instagram is the best possible option to “download” this type of video from the platform when other users do it.

It should be noted that screen recording is a good solution if you forgot to download your direct having finished it, but you have published it in your “stories”. Thus, if you record the screen while playing the live, you will convert it into a video that you can keep on your mobile.

We did not say goodbye without reminding you that you can also download the videos published on Instagram from your mobile and computer, and that you can also download the photos from the social platform. Knowing these different methods, it will take very little time to dominate the social network of the moment.

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