How do Doctor Strange and Loki’s TVA manage time?

Loki series writer Michael Waldron discusses the difference between TVA’s time management and the supreme sorcerer Doctor Strange

Loki’s screenwriter has talked about the difference between the way TVA and Doctor Strange handle the concept of time. Michael Waldron is one of the new creative forces behind Phase 4, as he not only created the series starring the god of deception, but also wrote Doctor Strange in the multiverse of insanity. Given her experience writing both projects, she discusses how the characters approach time in terms of their narration.

After a brief pause after the end of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, phase 4 of the MCU continues with Loki, the first chapter now available on Disney + entitled “Glorious Purpose”. Much of this first episode was establishing what to expect from the God of Deception’s new adventures separate from his brother, Thor, and the sacred timeline.

An important part of the story is the introduction of the Time variation authority, an organization that works to maintain the proper flow of time to prevent a repeat of multiverse wars. While the Masters of the Mystic Arts have a broader mission statement, as they are tasked with protecting Earth from interdimensional threats and other mystical threats, they are also known to manage time with the Eye of Agamotto originally in their possession until that Thanos turned the time gem that contained said amulet into atoms.

This is how he compares the TVA to the supreme sorcerer

Given this, it is curious if there is any difference in how Loki’s TVA and Doctor Strange with their group approach the concept, especially at this juncture in the MCU where it is becoming the central theme of the narrative. Waldron has not revealed if the Masters of the Mystic Arts are aware of the newly introduced organization to the MCU, but in an interview with The Direct he has said that since they are sorcerers, their understanding and treatment of time is based on magic. Meanwhile, TVA’s focus is more rooted in science.

“We really don’t know. It would be interesting if they did. I think what we see with the TVA is that while the people of Kamar-Taj are handling things in a magical way, the TVA is paperwork. It is bureaucracy. It seems to be a bit more science-based. “

When wizards were introduced in 2016’s Doctor Strange, a whole new path was opened for the MCU, which at the time had been terrestrial or cosmic. Agamotto’s eye allowed its bearer to manipulate time, but it is considered negligent, so Mordo became disillusioned with the principles of the Masters of the Mystic Arts when both the Elder and Doctor Strange decidedly used this ability. However, the TVA really has no problem resetting the timelines as they believe they are the superior organization that predetermines the past, present, and future of the universe. With this somewhat contradictory philosophy on the idea of ​​time manipulation, it is interesting to see what will happen if Doctor Strange comes into contact with the TVA, if he does not yet know of its existence.

Also, that Waldron is involved in Loki and Doctor Strange in the multiverse of insanity, it is an indication that the Marvel Studios series is establishing some plot points that will take into account the Sam Raimi movie, and it has also been confirmed. that the projects are narratively connected. Not if we get to see the supreme sorcerer making an appearance in the series. Meanwhile, the God of Deception will focus on helping the TVA catch a darker, more evil variant of himself.

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