How can we help small business recovery?

The last few months have been complex for the economy of all agents in Mexico and in the world. But they have been particularly tough on small businesses in this country. Just a few days ago, the ANPEC reported that 75 percent of the shops and businesses in the country were reporting a drop of up to half in their sales. The foregoing is a reflection that the economic crisis of the pandemic is still present, even with months of efforts.

But there are some elements that could make the survival of economic units more complex. According to El Sol de México, new legislation could throw the sales of these small businesses still another 50 percent. And as WRadio graphically shows, other nations are already experiencing a rebound in COVID-19 cases. This trend could reappear in the Republic, returning small shops and businesses to a difficult position.

How to help small businesses survive?

However, compared to the beginning of the year, the public and authorities know a little better about the virus and how to prevent it. By following the safe distance measures and setting certain hygiene protocols, small businesses can continue to offer their products to the entire population in Mexico. Of course, this requires a commitment from all to help the shops and businesses to continue to stand up, consuming locally and in a more responsible way.

There are other more specific initiatives that companies in the country are executing to give these small businesses a better opportunity for the long term. The Mexican Coca-Cola Industry (IMCC), for example, has joined other private initiative agents to provide training to these small businesses with the aim of promoting their safety and that of their consumers, as well as promoting effective ways to respond to the new needs of consumers in the midst of the pandemic.

This is important because, according to IAB Mexico figures, 99 percent of small businesses did not have the necessary tools to deal with the new normal. In these few months, thanks to initiatives such as that of IMCC and its allies, it has been possible to achieve progress equivalent to three years.

In addition, the Mexican Coca-Cola Industry in alliance with other actors such as Concanaco, Coparmex, Pro Mujer, Kellogg, Mars, Mondelēz México, Wabi, among others; It promotes initiatives in favor of the economic empowerment of entrepreneurs, such as through programs such as “My safe store” and support programs to provide business support and training in the economic, social and personal fields.

In this last period, the IMCC, made up of eight bottling groups and two recycling plants, produced and distributed 50,000 screens and more than 200,000 masks that were used, in part, to respond to the concerns of buyers and merchants at the time. epidemic.

Since 2012, Fundación Coca-Cola México and the IMCC have collaborated with civil organizations to benefit more than 186,000 Mexican women in the alliance with the National Technological Institute of Mexico and its different locations throughout the country.

But there is still a long way to go before the economy of all these companies continues to move forward. And, with them, also all of Mexico as a whole.

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