How can I share a screen within the platform?

Here we show you the step by step to share your screen with this application.

Google Meet is one of the most used video calling platforms today. In addition to calls, the platform offers a large number of functions, among them is screen sharing.

Screen sharing during video calls is widely used on Google Meet, and this feature is called Present.

By using the Present option you will be able to share what you do on your device with the people who are connected with you in the broadcast.

How to share screen on Google Meet using Chrome

At the bottom right, you will see a button that says « Submit Now », click on it.
You will have to choose between the full screen options, a Chrome window or tab that appears in the pop-up menu.
Now the next thing is to select which Chrome window or tab you want to share. You can show, for example, the window of an application such as Microsoft Word and Photoshop, or also a website or a PDF document.
Finally, click Share.
To stop showing the screen you just have to click on « Presenting » and then on « Stop presenting ».

How to share screen on Google Meet from the mobile application

First, it should be noted that the procedure is similar on both Android and iOS devices.
Once you have joined the video call, you will go to the button with the three vertical dots and you will touch the « Share screen » option.
Then, you are going to touch where it says Start sharing> Start now. That’s all.
To stop showing the screen you just have to tap on Stop sharing.