How can I know if my employer is paying for my Infonavit

Do you have a mortgage loan with Infonavit but you don’t know if your employer is making the corresponding contributions to end your debt and be up to date with the institute? This is one of the most common doubts that workers have regarding their mortgage credit.

Either because you see that your debt does not decrease, or simply out of curiosity, you should be aware that your employer is making the contributions that correspond to him before the Infonavit to finish paying your home.

How to consult it

If that is your case, we tell you how you can find out on the Infonavit page, in the section called « How much savings do I have », on that screen you only have to write your social security number plus the date of birth so that it will automatically provide you a report.

Right there you can find a section called « Details of movements », where you can see what the last employer contributions have been, how much money your employer contributes each month and the dates on which they were made.

As you know, the withholding for the payment of your credit is done automatically, the employer has the obligation to send that money, together with the employer contributions, to Infonavit. By law, each two-month period must contribute the equivalent of 10% of their monthly salary.

Therefore when they accept your Infonavit credit, it is important that you deliver the Discount Withholding Notice to your employer. In those cases, if you detect that this situation is currently occurring, you have the option of going to the Institute and requesting a status review.

What is the Discount Withholding Notice

In this document, which is downloaded on the Infonavit page when your credit has been approved, your credit number and the percentage or amount of discount are specified, which should not be greater than 30% of your salary.

So now you know, if you have a current mortgage loan, you should not trust that your employer is making the corresponding contributions. Therefore, it is important that you review your credit account statement and check that your company is paying Infonavit what it discounts you and the bimonthly contributions that correspond to it.

What to do if this happens to me?

If you are in this situation, the first thing you should do is call Infonatel (9171 5050 from the DF and metropolitan area or 01 800 008 3900 for the rest of the country), where they will ask you to fax or email the receipts of payroll in which you can see the discount of your credit payment, in addition to other papers.

With this information, Infonavit will send a payment request to the company to make the missing payments.

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