How can I get my money back if I make a mistake when doing Bizum?

Bizum has become a real phenomenon in recent years: it allows you to pay and collect outstanding debts with other people very quickly, easily and safely. It is only necesary know the recipient’s phone number, eliminating the need to resort to inconvenient bank transfers.

The mechanics are easy: first, the ‘app’ of our bank asks us to enter the desired amount; then we choose a contact from our phonebook or enter it manually to send the money. However, it is common to make mistakes when we use our mobile, since we usually type at high speed. It would not be strange if we made a mistake when passing money through Bizum or that, due to a communication error, we gave the amount to the wrong person.

In these cases: what can we do to cancel the shipment? Any. These types of transfers cannot be canceled: once the order has been confirmed, the money disappears from our account forever.

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Bizum has become a real phenomenon in recent years: it allows you to pay and collect outstanding debts with other people very quickly, easily and safely. . Creative.

We are going to expose the three most common situations and how to act in each of the cases.

I have made a mistake with the amount or the recipient

If there has been an error with the amount, for example, if 100 euros have been spent instead of 10, the most feasible is to contact the recipient, explain what happened and trust that you have good faith and access the return. Another alternative is to call our bank to see what possibilities they offer us, but proving that a transfer has been made by mistake is not always easy.

I have received a Bizum request from someone I don’t know

Another situation that can generate doubts is usually given when receiving requests, especially in the payment between friends. Imagine that we receive a request to pay our share of a dinner or a meeting that we did not attend, but our friend did not remember. In those cases, yes it is possible to reject the request within our banking app, since we are the only person who can approve that transaction. If this happens to us, we will have one week to decide whether to accept or reject it.

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I have received a Bizum that I do not recognize

Receiving unexpected money is always pleasant for anyone, but we must try to act with empathy, especially since that person will most likely contact us quickly to ask for a refund. The easiest thing is to call our bank to clarify exactly who has been and how can we get it back to you.

Better safe than sorry: double check before shipping

As we can see, obtaining a refund of the amount of a Bizum is not impossible, but it can be complicated, since we depend on the good faith of the other person. If it is a friend, relative or acquaintance, it will be returned quickly, but things get complicated if it is a complete stranger.

Therefore, it is essential that we check several times that the data (amount, recipient) are correct, always trying to save the phone numbers of the people to whom we frequently send money. Better to be safe than sorry, and even more so when it comes to paying for the Internet.

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