How Can Almonds Help You Lose Weight?

The secret to living better, longer and preventing disease, lies in quality of food. As simple as that: we are what we eat, that is why currently everyone talks about the incomparable benefits of the consumption of super-foods. The good news is that we currently have a wide range of these at our fingertips. powerful foods, within the main categories are the dried fruits Y the almonds they take the crown.

The truth is the almonds They are only small in size, they come packed with health benefits Y nutrients, among which stand out in a special way its rich in minerals, vitamins, plant-based proteins and they are a magnificent source of fiber Y monounsaturated fats. In such a way that the consumption of almonds It is also related to extraordinary benefits to maintain a healthy heart, this contribution in healthy fats is also of great help to regulate the high levels of cholesterol in the blood.

Almonds are not just a nutritional treasure, they are full of therapeutic properties and the best of all is that it has scientific references, which endorse its benefits for promote weight loss. And believe it or not it has even been discovered that a diet that includes almonds, can be most beneficial for weight loss compared to a ketogenic diet It is real! Read on to learn all about your slimming potential.

On the slimming power of almonds:

1. The best ally to control appetite

Integrate almonds in the daily diet is related to a high content of essential nutrients, but above all they shine for their great satiating power. It has various references that specifically endorse the qualities of consuming almonds as a snack, since they are related to decreased appetite and anxiety for eating throughout the day. In such a way that eating almonds is related to great benefits to eat less and this directly benefits any plan focused on weight loss. On the other hand and not least, almonds are loaded with healthy proteins, fibers and fats, essential nutrients that help satisfy hunger and lose those extra kilos in a healthy way.

2. Reduce belly fat

One of the great qualities of almonds, is related to their contribution in high quality calories, which translates into a significant increased energy levels Y without getting fat, Rather the complete opposite. its high antioxidant power and contained in unique phytochemicals positively intervene in burning body fat. In fact there is a very relevant study, published in the Journal of the American Heart Association; which specifically endorses the benefits of almonds To potentiate burning fat in the belly and abdominal area. It is estimated that a large part of these qualities are related to its protein content, which helps the development of the lean muscle mass. It is also associated with his unbeatable contribution of healthy fats, that help reduce overall body mass index, and specifically attack abdominal fat first of all. In such a way that if you are prone to gaining weight first of all in the belly, almonds cannot be missing as an important complement to your diet.

3. High fiber content

Another of the great genius of almonds for lose weight and gain health, is related to your high in dietary fiber. It is well known that the fiber It’s one of the most important nutrients for health, since it is related to various benefits among which its ability to stimulate digestive function and promote good gut health. The fiber accelerates intestinal transit and promotes proper evacuation and elimination of toxins Y retained liquids. It is also directly related to qualities for fight inflammation and brings a valuable satiating effect, which keeps us satisfied for longer. A good suggestion from various nutritionists To get more out of its benefits, it is soak the almonds in water to remove the anti-enzymes and make them healthier. It is worth mentioning that anti-enzymes prevent certain minerals from being properly absorbed, which ends up leading to nutritional deficiencies.

4. Wonderful protein intake

One of the great qualities of almonds and why they are so valued for weight loss, lies in their high in protein of vegetable origin. Secure a good protein intake in the daily diet, it is essential to lose weight since in principle they help the development of lean muscle mass. In addition, its content in monounsaturated fats maintains and reduces body mass index (BMI), in fact there are references that support the benefits of this type of vegetable proteins for reduce abdominal fat.

5. They are low in carbohydrates

Almonds are a reflection of perfect balance in carbohydrates, in fact constitute the 15% of the nutrients totals of each almond and that is why they are ideal for people who follow a low carb diet, as is the case of the popular keto trend. In such a way that almonds are an important element for lose weight with lots of nutrition, as they provide an extraordinary combination of protein, slow-absorbing carbohydrates, minerals, and healthy fats, which are related to all kinds of Additional benefits; promote a better digestion and gut health, strengthen the immune system, promote better physical and mental performance.