At all ages and conditions, people are being affected by Covid-19. But some groups are in fact notoriously hardest hit by the virus that has killed thousands of people. One of those cases considered more sensitive are those with some type of respiratory disease and bronchitis is an example. In case of contamination, this patient is more willing to have complications due to the Coronavirus, especially if the respiratory disease is not controlled. Specialist doctors warn that in some cases these people may develop into a serious condition, and may even die. Therefore, they are in the disease risk group.

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At this moment of epidemic, it is therefore very important that those who have bronchitis have their condition under control and constant medical monitoring. To help with this control, some recommendations can be valuable and understanding how allergic processes occur can help the patient in permanent respiratory health care. The doctor, Dr. Marcello Bossois, mentions some factors that collaborate to trigger these processes. Adhesion protein is an example, it is a substance that is produced by the allergic organism itself and facilitates the capture of viruses in the environment, leaving this patient more vulnerable to contamination. Another factor that can contribute to the allergic process is the decrease in mucociliary protection, which are the nasal hairs that help to filter impurities from the air. This makes the region more vulnerable to an inflammatory process which in turn increases blood flow in the area and leaves the body more susceptible to the entry of viruses and bacteria.

With regard to treatment and prevention, the doctor highlights some measures. Continuous treatment through inhalation and nasal medications is very recommended and, together with these medications, immunotherapy can also help a lot in the treatment. The therapy is based on doses of vaccines that work as a kind of educational system for the patient’s respiratory system, teaching the body not to have allergic attacks and to decrease the frequency between one crisis and another until in the long term they cease. He also points out that being immunized against diseases such as flu viruses and bacteria that cause pneumonia strengthens the patient’s immune system and contributes to the defense of the respiratory system. Another important point for improving the patient’s condition is the control of the environment. Objects such as carpet, curtains and stuffed animals, for example, should be avoided as they can trigger crises. Perhaps some treatment procedures can also be reviewed by the doctor who accompanies that person, as they can be harmful at this time of epidemic. This is the case of nebulization, which if carried out by someone with the Coronavirus, can spread the virus throughout the environment and contaminate those nearby. Information that guides the patient with bronchitis to be prevented is essential in this critical period of the pandemic and with that in mind Marcello created a playlist of videos on his YouTube channel especially on the subject.

Due to the exceptional epidemic situation in the country and in the world, the use of telemedicine was approved by the Federal Council of Medicine, which is the medical consultation carried out via internet or telephone. This allows patients with bronchitis and other respiratory diseases to keep in touch with their doctor, receiving guidance for their case without the need to travel, reducing the likelihood of exposure to the virus.

As long as a vaccine or treatment is not approved and made available by health agencies, prevention is the best way to save lives, especially for those most likely to develop complications due to Covid-19.


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