How and why to insure your motorcycle

During the past year, when covid-19 hit our country, motorcycles became a key element in combating infections, as many people opted for these vehicles to move and get away from public transport and others took advantage of the boom in deliveries to home, generated by confinement, to self-employment, which helped to sharply increase sales.

Despite this, the issue of prevention continues to be of concern, because, according to the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS), only one in 10 motorcycles is insured, which has a direct impact on the finances of Mexican families.

Many of those who acquired a motorcycle may consider a policy of this type as an economic burden, since they are usually more expensive than those of a car; however, it is a financial protection mechanism, since in an accident it can lead to loss of assets.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), motorcyclists, along with pedestrians and cyclists, are the users of public roads who suffer the most from road accidents, becoming a health problem in the world.

For this reason, it is necessary to take out comprehensive motorcycle insurance that meets all your needs, to protect you and your family.

In reality, hiring insurance is very easy and the advantages are many, since it covers the driver in medical care in the event of an accident, assists in the event of theft, supports vehicle repair, protects against damage caused to other people or property , as well as rims or accessories, among many other advantages, which, if we consider the risks, provide greater peace of mind for the driver and their families.

This is the process

Your needs. Ask yourself if the motorcycle will be used from time to time, if it will be driven to go to work or will it be a means of earning income as a delivery person. You should also consider your age and area of ​​residence, this will determine the coverage that is required and the cost of the insurance.

Type of motorcycle. You must analyze the characteristics of the unit to be protected, such as the cylinder capacity or the range to analyze whether it is worth choosing additional plans that cover elements such as accessories, tires and even special clothing to handle the vehicle.

Know the coverage. Policies for a motorcycle are somewhat different from those for cars, some complement each other in a more comprehensive way, as some include the costs for cosmetic surgeries that may be needed, among others that you should consider as a user of these vehicles.

Compare. Before hiring insurance, check with at least three companies about the different products they can offer you.

Take into account. There are online insurance comparators that make it easy for you to have to look up the information in each insurer.

Hire. If you purchase the service with an advisor or online, make sure they are duly registered with the Condusef. Hiring online is usually more efficient, it offers different alternatives that adapt to your needs, just check that it is with well-established companies such as Rastreator, Wibe, autocompara, among others.

Considers. Before signing or paying for the policy, read the contract that will be delivered to you physically or, in the case of doing it online, the PDF file that will be sent to your email.

Print. Take the policy printed or the folio number, as well as the phone number of the insurer for claims reports.


Official Identification Driver’s license. Vehicle data. Make, model, year, serial number, plates, use of the motorcycle, as well as the state and postal code of circulation. Email. Contact phone number. Pay the insurance. The settlement method can be annual or fractional. If you do it online you can pay with a charge to a credit or debit card.