how and where to reserve the new Playstation

Video game lovers have the launch date of the game marked in red on the calendar. PS5 in Europe. East November 19th will go on sale the new console Sony in European territory, a week after its official launch on November 12.

The lucky ones were able to make their reservation through specialized stores or e-commerce portals. However, stocks were exhausted weeks ago and today it will be necessary to wait for a second shipment to be able to enjoy the next generation games.

In order not to run out of stock for Christmas, the CEO of PlayStation, Jim Ryan, assured in declarations to the BBC that “they are working very hard” to be able to satisfy the demands of the clients. Ryan He also took the opportunity to apologize for the lack of stock ahead of the launch, as the bookings have exceeded all expectations. The manufacturing of new units continues apace to ensure that it does not run out of stock again.

Two PS5 models with different prices

It should be remembered that two versions of the PS5 go on sale. The digital one, priced at 399 euros and the one with a disc reader. Its price is 499 euros.

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