How and where can I change my damaged tickets?

Do you have a ticket that is no longer valid or that is broken and you don’t know what to do with it? Banco de México has a free service for everyone, which is provided in most banks, so you can change them.

Changes can be made anywhere in the country, on bank business days, within the hours established in the branches. If you have a ticket that is no longer valid, you can go to any branch to have the change made.

Banco de México carries out the exchange process. Photo: Reform What services do banks offer? Exchange of bills and / or metallic coins for others of different denominations. Replacement of banknotes and / or metallic coins not suitable for circulation (damaged parts, in the process of being removed, demonetized and deformed banknotes) for their equivalent in pieces suitable for circulation. Request for the valuation of fractions of banknotes or marked banknotes, as well as their exchange, if applicable. Limits per transaction: If you are not a bank customer, the maximum amount that you can change is 3,000 pesos or a maximum of 500 pieces of each denomination. There are no limits on amounts or pieces per transaction for clients of the credit institution.

In the same way, it is important that you know that the notes and coins in the withdrawal process are worth what their denomination indicates and as soon as they enter the banks they are separated so that they no longer return to circulation.

The bills and coins that are already demonetized correspond to the previous monetary unit that was in force until December 31, 1992, and their current value is equivalent to the denomination they indicate, out of a thousand. Example: a demonetized bill of ten thousand pesos (prior to 1993), has a current value of ten pesos. Current value of banknotes that are no longer manufactured. Current value of metallic coins that are no longer manufactured. Allegedly false bills or coins can be sent to Banco de México for analysis, free of charge, through any bank.

Some of the bills that are already in the withdrawal process are:

Those of 50, 100, 200 and 500 pesos were put into circulation in 2001. Those of 20 pesos corresponding to the first banknote made of polymer and which was put into circulation in 2002. The 1,000 peso bill was put into circulation in 2004.

Although these bills are in the withdrawal process, they still retain their current value, in the same way, according to the Bank of Mexico, they can still be used to carry out transactions; as soon as they arrive at a banking institution they will be separated so that they are not given to another person.

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