Let’s go with the information. In its Message to the Nation, Martin Vizcarra announced that the Universal Bond of 760 soles will be delivered once again to millions of Peruvian households, this in order to continue preventing the economic crisis as a result of the new COVID-19 pandemic from continuing to increase. This second stage of subsidy It will begin to be delivered in the next few weeks and will cover all the beneficiaries who received the first draft.

One of the major concerns of the Government and the main authorities for the collection of Universal Bond they are the agglomerations in the banks or agencies where the beneficiaries not only come to collect, but also to receive information about the subsidy.

Given this, the operations manager of Banco de la Nación, Alfredo Calle, gave some details of what will be the delivery of this subsidy, in order to avoid long lines and a possible increase in the spread of the virus.

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When will the second tranche of the Universal Bond be delivered?

It should be noted that the second draft of the Universal Bond will not be paid in the month of August, as was initially thought. During this month, the beneficiaries of the second register are those who can collect the bonus, but the second tranche will be available in September.

« The second bonus, announced in the Message to the Nation, is not being paid today, it is only being paid next month, » said the operations manager.

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On the other hand, Alfredo Calle recommended that it is not necessary to go to the Banco de la Nación or agencies to collect. “While people could go to the agencies to collect the bonds, they don’t need to. All the means are made to be able to collect it without having to go to agents ”, he indicated.

Do I have to sign up to receive the Universal Bonus?

No. According to the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis), government authorities and Banco de la Nación, the second stage of the Universal Bond will be delivered to the same beneficiaries who received the first transfer, both those of the first tranche and those of the second , the same ones that were selected after registering in the Reniec National Household Registry.

It should be noted that Those who received the first Universal Bonus (along with those from the second register) will be the same ones who will receive it again in September, all those who belong to informal trade will be added, according to Premier Walter Martos.

TOO: Delivery will be maintained on Sundays during the mandatory immobilization on Sundays

Who will be the beneficiaries?

Martos stated that this new Universal Bond It is including informal commerce and in total more than 8 million households will benefit from this new monetary subsidy.

« In this second installment of Universal Bond It will reach 8 and a half million families, everything that is informal trade is included. We hope that delivery will be much faster with private and state banks. In addition, we hope that the scope will be much greater ”, said the premier.

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How will the new beneficiaries be chosen?

According to Walter Martos, the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion in coordination with the Ministry of Labor have developed an updated database, because the last Universal Bond It was given to people who had already overcome poverty in recent years.

“Initially there was a registry that was aimed at poor and very poor people that was not updated, and by using that registry, people who had already left poverty and were no longer poor received a bonus. Now there is a much more updated database where they are crossing the information of the MIDIS and Reniec”, He explained.



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