how and what to see after the change

Since Disney’s last Investor’s Day last January, it was known that all of Fox’s premium signals and system would change names. The day came last Monday and now Fox is Star, FoxLife is StarLife and the signature premium pack signals also changed « Fox » to « Star ». Meanwhile, it is known that from the middle of the year the premium pack will be integrated into Disney + in some territories and in others – Argentina included – it will be an independent platform.

But the change is only nominal. Want to see The Simpson? They are still there. Do you want to cry with This is Us, the family melodrama that has been all the rage for two years? There are no problems. The same if you want to know what is going to happen in Vikings or Outlander, two of the exclusive series that have had the most success in these signals. Or all of The Walking Dead.

But by the way, let’s see what other content there is to see. Almost the entire series Terminator (Except, for now, Aliens-The Return, by James Cameron) is in, well Star. Also all the movies (five in total) of Hard to Kill, including the 1989 masterpiece. Or the Predator saga: they are one of the highest grossing brands of Fox.

There is a lot of content. Among the most commented on networks, The New PopeFor example, another global hit with John Malkovich and Jude Law. Or the great satire of science fiction and cinephilia unleashed Future man, which makes Terminator a constant game of nostalgia and sometimes very black humor. Or the exclusive and multi-award winning Mrs America, with a great protagonist of Cate Blanchett. Or the mega success of The Handmaid’s Tale.

Plus Star classics It is one of the best reservoirs of great titles of the past. For example: if you want to know what the great western was like, there is a huge amount – Fox specialized in the genre since the 30s – that include films like Duel of the Titans, by John Sturges, the beautiful The Children of Katie Elder, by Henry Hathaway, or the great Rio Grande, by John Ford.

All this still available, and much more content is promised when the integration with Disney is fully closed, both on additions from a huge library and original content, both made in Hollywood and locally produced.