How about a Honda Civic Tourer? Look at this render and judge for yourself …

The Honda civic tourer it has been one of the most misunderstood models of the last decade. Its sale caught us by surprise, because we did not expect the Japanese firm to develop this body in the ninth generation. Thus it happened, that with the arrival of the current delivery they killed her and brought the sedan version. As we already know, this body has not triumphed either, so when the next Civic arrives they will not commercialize it again.

However, we cannot forget that although family bodies do not have a high number of followers, still hold a generous market share globally. Taking this reasoning into account, X-Tomi Design has wanted to shape what hypothetically would have been the Eleventh-generation Honda Civic Tourer. And to be honest, the result has been very good, so much so that we would like him to return again.

This hypothetical Honda Civic Tourer is not on the brand’s roadmap …

Honda Civic Tourer render by X-Tomi Design

Honda Civic Tourer render by X-Tomi Design

If we take a look at the render created by X-Tomi Design, we see that the basic design lines of the Civic Tourer do not vary on the front. The change comes from the “B” pillar, which is when the roof line becomes flatter and add some stylish chrome roof bars. The position of the “C” pillar is more tended and a third custody window is added. Everything, maintaining the line of tension that runs through the waist of the body.

The way X-Tomi Design would have finished off the behind this “hypothetical” Honda Civic Tourer we do not know it. This is so, because it has not offered any image, although it would surely keep the sedan scheme. Maybe would not be as attractive with the 9th gen Tourer, but versatility would be one of its basic premises. This is why we would like the firm to bring him back to life, even if the numbers weren’t.

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For now the only thing left for us is to speculate. We know that Only the hatchback and sedan versions will arrive in the US. The Coupé is dead, we do not know if forever or for a season, and the familiar Tourer has no signs of coming back to life. We will have to wait for know the plans that the brand has for our market, although it gives us in the nose that we will only know the hatchback and with a range to the taste of the Yankees.

Source – X-Tomi Design